Hello Anto,

The version of Cuffdiff running on the public Main Galaxy instance at https://main.g2.bx.psu.edu (http://usegalaxy.org) is 2.1.1. The version you are noting is the wrapper version.

Tool versions that function with wrappers in the distribution are noted here in our wiki, but also appear for most tools in the UI in the comments or info field in the result datasets for a tool:

Source can be viewed here, in the development or distribution branch:

Any tool from the development or distribution Galaxy repository not already loaded or from the Tool Shed can be installed and used in a Cloud Galaxy. Tool Shed repositories are owned by the tool and/or wrapper author - see each for the versions of the underlying tools supported. If not noted, contacting the tool author is one choice, or consider a better documented tool/wrapper.

The Main server is very busy right now, so access may time out. If this occurs, wait and try again after some time, this is just due to high load and will clear.

Hopefully this helps,

Galaxy team

On 7/23/13 1:44 AM, Anto Praveen Rajkumar Rajamani wrote:

I am new to Galaxy.
I plan to conduct RNA-seq data analysis using Galaxy.
I find that the public Galaxy server has a very old version of Cuffdiff 0.0.5.
Does any Galaxy server have updated Cuffdiff2?
If I buy aws cloud space, will I get access to the updated software?
Thank you.

Best wishes,

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