My name is Johnathan Cooper-Knock, I am a clinical fellow based at the University of Sheffield, UK.  

I am trying to use Galaxy for analysis of DNA sequencing data and I have run into a problem. I am trying to run the SAM/BAM Hybrid Selection Metrics step on Galaxy (part of the Picard tools) but I can't find bait and target bed files that Galaxy will accept.  My library capture was performed using the Aglilent All Exon V4 kit and I have uploaded the 'S03723314_Regions.bed' and 'S03723314_Covered.bed' files from 'https://earray.chem.agilent.com/suredesign/search.htm' but Galaxy does not even seem to recognise them as options for entry.  Is this a formatting issue?  Do you know where I can get ready formatted files?