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No graphics are included with the post, which isn't a great idea anyway on a mailing list.

On 8/2/13 11:16 AM, Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler wrote:
Hi there,

I've set up a local galaxy installation that so far is working very nicely. However one little issue that I'm having is that the "Saved Visualizations" and "Saved Histories" lists are empty, even though I have multiple histories and multiple visualizations. In fact, when I choose to visualize a dataset in Trackster and select "View in saved visualization", I DO see the list of existing visualizations.
Still, this is very strange.

To get started, can you confirm that you are running the most current version of Galaxy?

I am also going to move this over to the galaxy-dev@bx.psu.edu mailing list, the list for questions regarding local instances. So please be sure to send all replies "To" back the galaxy-dev mailing list, but please drop the galaxy-user list. We will probably need some technical help from the developers to get to the bottom of what is going on.


Galaxy team
Pictures attached. The identical problem appears with Histories. Any idea what the problem might be? I tried in Chrome and Safari, I logged out and back in, I restarted the server, but nothing fixed the issue...

Thanks in advance for the help,

Benjamin Schuster-Böckler
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