I want to construct a link into galaxy that will show a particular dataset.  The use case is that I have an external resource that references a galaxy dataset, and I want to provide a way to link to it.  I will need to create these links fairly frequently to various datasets.


I'm somewhat open as to how this could work.  I'm running a local instance, so I have the ability to peek into the db to get any internal IDs that I might need for this purpose.


I'm thinking a minimal implementation would be to get a history that includes the dataset and link to it based on that, though I'm not sure how I would build the URL.


The next step up would be if there was some way for it to somehow highlight the particular dataset in the history.  Or maybe scroll to it.


Best thing would be a link that only required information about the dataset and not what histories it's a part of and could pick a history, or create a new history with only that dataset, something like that.