Connect the Input Dataset workflow step to the dataset input of the step you'd like to run multiple inputs across, like below.  With that example workflow, I can select a batch of inputs that will *all* be mapped with BWA.

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Thanks Dannon,
              I can see them now but how do I use them now? As I now have 3 steps:

Input File (as before)

Input Dataset (new)

Atlas list (as before)

I select the "Input file" in step 1, and atlases in step 3 (as before) and I can select multiple files for the Input Dataset (but how does that tie into step  1 and 3 as its not connected on the workflow diagram?


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Ahh, I see what's going on.  Galaxy relies on the "Input Dataset" step for this feature.  If you use these in your workflow, Galaxy will be able to perform the batch execution.  Find them in the workflow editor under "Workflow control" -> inputs.


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Do i need to modify a setting in universe_wsgi.ini or somewhere then ? As I attach screenshots of what I've got (I have a recent subversion checkout)...