Hi Richard, 
These type of questions are best sent to the general Galaxy user mailing list so it gets the most exposure, so I'm forwarding it.


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From: Richard Bruskiewich <r.bruskiewich@irri.org>
Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 9:08 PM
Subject: Re: Galaxy on the cloud...
To: Enis Afgan <eafgan@emory.edu>

Hi Enis,

Sorry to bother you again but I'm not sure who can answer this particular question on the Galaxy team.

I've been following the instructions on http://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/Config/ProductionServer to create a new remote server instance for Galaxy using NGINX as the proxy server (the latter configured using the instructions at http://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/Config/nginxProxy). 

The instance *almost* works except for the following defect: only Microsoft IE renders the Galaxy home page correctly from the instance. FireFox and Chrome do not render the first page correct (see the attached image).

If I run a local Galaxy (developer's) instance, though, it renders fine in Firefox.

Is there some kind of additional NGINX-specific configuration that needs to be tweaked for this?

I don't have much experience with NGINX, but decided to try it out since you folks - Galaxy - are using it on your main web site (so says the production page...).

Thank you in advance for your kind advice (or redirection of this query to a member of your team who knows what to do here...).