Dear Galaxy managers,

I would like to ask about the queuing rules for the workflows before processed on the server?

I use my customized Galaxy workflow which contains 22 following steps (basically, filtering, trimming and format change of NGS data). I guess the server is generally very busy during last weeks/months (?), so my job was waiting about 24 hours in a queue (which would not be a problem), and then the first step of the workflow was processed, but the following 21 is again/still waiting (already for another couple of hours...). It makes me wondering about the queuing rules because I expected that the whole workflow is queued as one job.. Then my question is if the whole workflow, once submitted, is listed in the queue, or does the following step queue only after the previous step is finished (which would mean to wait the whole queue for each step of the workflow...)?

I routinely used those wrokflows before (months ago) without any problems...

I tried to search similar question in the archive before I posted this one...

Thanks a lot for your answer,

My best

Zuzana Musilova
Zuzana Musilova, PhD.

Zoological Institute
University of Basel
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