I have encountered the same kind of errors. When I update the loc files link to GATK, some of the tools display the reference genomes I added and some not. It seems that the galaxy wrapper for GATK 1.6 is not very functional. GATK don't really care because they are not supporting it any more, even documentation has disappeared. And I understand that galaxy developers have other stuff to do than supporting a tool that will disappear because it's not open source any more. I don't know what tool could replace the recalibration process done by GATK and don't know how to correct bugs neither. Any suggestions ?


2012/12/12 Farooq,Umar (res) <UFarooq@resident.uchc.edu>

I am trying to incorporate GATK in my pipeline but not been able to make it work. I aligned my data with Hg 19 and then ran sam tool filter and then picard duplicate removal. I uploaded dbSNP and the reference FASTA file for Hg 19 in galaxy to run this pipeline. But for some reason GATK tool for base recalibration will not accept this output file. I wonder if there is sorting or indexing issue but how to fix this in galaxy.

An error occurred running this job: Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Djava.io.tmpdir=/space/g2main [Mon Dec 10 10:30:42 EST 2012] net.sf.picard.sam.CreateSequenceDictionary REFERENCE=/space/g2main/tmp-gatk-tKp41A/gatk_input.fasta OUTPUT=/space/g2main/tmp-gatk-tKp41A/dict3503196447953523717.tmp


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