Hello Jacob,

Yes, this is simple to do in Galaxy as long as you are logged into Galaxy and your collaborators have a Galaxy account.  Just click on the "Options" link in the upper right corner of the "History" panel and you'll be presented with a page that includes the following options:

History Options
    •    Rename current history ()
    •    List previously stored histories
    •    Create a new empty history
    •    Construct workflow from the current history
    •    Share current history
    •    Delete current history

Choose the "Share current history" option and enter the email ( Galaxy login ) of a collaborator.  When the collaborator logs into Galaxy, have them click on the same "Options" link in the upper right corner of the History panel and choose the "List previously stored histories" link.  Their list of histories will include any that you have shared with them.  Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Thanks Jacob,

Greg Von Kuster
Galaxy Development Team

Jacob Biesinger wrote:
Is it possible to share histories with other collaborators? I'd like them to be able to see my data without having to step through the same steps as I did to generate them.  Can this be done in galaxy?

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