Hello all,

In case you didn't see this it the June Galaxy Newsletter that went out today:

Galaxy-User Being Retired June 6

Galaxy Biostar
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The Galaxy Biostar online forum was launched April 23 as a replacement for the Galaxy-User mailing list.

During the past 5 weeks, Galaxy Biostar has been wildly successful with over 125 active threads, more than 5 times the number of active threads on Galaxy-user in the 5 weeks before the switch.

Galaxy-User has remained open during the transition, but now it's time to retire it. All new posting to Galaxy-User will be stopped on Friday, June 6, some 101 months, and 8,100 postings after it was launched. All those postings will remain available both in Galaxy Biostar (where they have been imported), and in the online list archives.

Thanks for making Galaxy Biostar, and Galaxy-User before it, such a great resource.

Thanks again,

Dave C