Dear Galaxy staff,
I have recently started using your tool and it has been really helpful, thank you!
When using Human Genome Variation, aaChanges, I would like to keep some extra lines in the output file from either of the input files. In the tool description it says I should be able to keep them:
"...chromosome, start, and end position as well as the SNP. The SNP can be given using ambiguous-nucleotide symbols or a list of two to four alleles separated by '/'. Any other columns in the first input file will not be used but will be kept for the output. The second input file contains..."
However, I haven't found a way of actually have them in the output file. What am I missing/doing incorrectly?
What I've been trying to keep by the way is rs IDs or Ensembl gene IDs.
Thank you in advance for your answer.
Kind regards,