I used the "Upload files from filesystem paths" option to upload a directory path into Galaxy Data library. I used the option NO for "Copy data into Galaxy?" as I don't want a duplicate copy of the data. I selected the hg19 for Genome. After the upload process is finished, I can see the directory tree structure, but in the "information" column for files, it reports "Job error (click name for more info)".

When I click a file, for example for "macs_test_1_out.bed",  which is a bed filetype, it says "failure running job  tool error" under "Miscellaneous information". I am pasting below the whlole information.

This happens for all the data files that are uploaded. What is this error? and which tool it is complaining about?

My another question is, can we upload files/directories with compressed format files (.tar, .gz, .bz. etc) and binary files like .doc, .xls ? If so, what additional plugins we need to have in place?

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Galaxy Test-data
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failure running job
tool error



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