would it be an idea to post galaxy objects on myExperiment.org? It seems like a good place to share these types of workflows and histories. Although now mostly used by Taverna users, any kind of (scientific) digital object can be placed there.


2009/11/10 Timothy Hughes <timothy.hughes@medisin.uio.no>
I have heard from jgoecks that the galaxy team are working on a repository for all galaxy objects. I would like to suggest that all workflows that are shared publically (published) have a mandatory field that briefly describes their functionality and that the repository have search functionality which enables a search of published workflows using this field. I am sure their are loads of great workflows out there which are either immediately usable or are easily adaptable. Getting access to such workflows would also be an excellent way to learn Galaxy in a complementary way to the screencasts.

While we are waiting for such functionality, perhaps Galaxy developers could set up a simple page where the public histories / workflows can be posted. The simplest solution might be just a check box on the sharing page ("post link to publicly accessible page"), alternatively just a piece of text on the sharing page encouraging users to manually post on specific forum or mailing list.


Tim Hughes PhD (http://digitised.info)
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