Unfortunately Galaxy does not have a ready option to be used on a Hadoop based cluster. I am not familiar with methods of interacting with hadoop clusters; however, if there is DRMAA support for a hadoop manager, the interaction should be fairly straightforward. The distribution of job load however, may be more involved. 

I'm cc-ing the galaxy-user list so this question gets more attention and possibly a more complete answer.


On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Xiandong Meng <xiandongmeng@lbl.gov> wrote:

Hi Enis,

Thank you for your great work on Galaxy Cloud. I am running a galaxy server for sequence analysis at Berkeley Lab. The galaxy works


 with our SGE clusters l. Due to the size of data, I am going to move the computation to a cloud computing using a Hadoop cluster. So far I only found information about cloud solution on Amazon EC2. I was wondering if Galaxy has a mechanism to support a general Hadoop cluster just like running a SGE or PBS cluster.

I would greatly apprecuiate if you give me some hints.

X. Meng