The Galaxy’s ability to pull files with user/password from FTP sites as a client is great. 
However, I need to pull data from an HTTP site at a sequencing center with user/password (already tried to get them to set up an FTP server, no luck). Any way to do this? 
If not, would it be easy to add? 
> Hi Nate,
>>> We'd like to set up our local Galaxy to be able to import data (fastq 
>>> sequences) from an ftp site (with a username/password)  into a user's 
>>> account. Does Galaxy support FTP or would we have to write a wrapper 
>>> script to do it via HTTP and use the standard data connection methods as 
>>> described in
>> Hi Steve,
>> You can actually put FTP URLs directly in the URL/paste box on the 
>> upload form.  With a username and password, the format would be:
>> I haven't tested that the user/pass bit works, but it should.
>Yep. It works. Thanks for the tip!