Actually figured out the issue I was out of space, but the cloudman 
console was wrong, and I was out of disk space.

This also happened to many of the students, and unfortunately, 
although you can allocate more space, after the fact, it does 
"reboot" your instance.

The workshop went well in most cases, although cloudman failed for 
about 4 of the 42 instances we started, and eventually (on second 
or third retry) for all of them but that took a while.

I think that overall it was a great experience for student, 
and big thank you to Jeremy for his RNA-Seq page

(pages are currently not found right now?)   


B.F. Francis Ouellette    

On 2013-10-24, at 8:45 AM, Francis Ouellette <>

I'm on cloudman, trying to upload files, and I'm getting this error message:

"No space left on device" transferring a 1 GB file to my instance, but the 
cloudman console says I have more than 5 GB left?

Is this a bad error message?

Is there some other file you want to see?



B.F. Francis Ouellette    

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