Hi Dominique,
Id use the original fasta file and input it into the 'Fasta Manipulation > Compute Sequence Length' tool
Then, using the output, run the 'Statistics > Summary Statistics for any numerical column' tool on c2.
That will give you all the info youre after.

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From: Dominique Cowart <dac330@gmail.com>
Date: Friday, 23 May 2014 12:29
To: "galaxy-user@bx.psu.edu" <galaxy-user@bx.psu.edu>
Subject: [galaxy-user] Summary Statistics


I am attempting to use Galaxy to calculate the mean sequence read length and identify the range of read lengths for my 454 data. The data has already been divided into columns:


I have attempted to use the "Summary Statistics" button, however it appears to only be for numerical data and not sequence data. Is this tool/task available
via Galaxy?

Thank you in advance,

Dominique Cowart