Hi Jen, I have been using the following link for learning to visualize TOPHAT results:


How can get the RefGENE for the whole human genome instead of Ch19 listed in tutorial?



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Hello Tao,

For the Bowtie results, the aligned results may be low because the data
is RNA and not DNA. TopHat is generally considered a better choice for
RNA since it allows for bridges over splice sites (introns). The full
documentation for each program is on each tool's form and/or you can
contact the tool authors with scientific questions at

Also, a tutorial and FAQ are available here:

For visualization, an update that allows the use of a user-specified
fasta reference genome is coming out very soon. For now, you can view
annotation by creating a custom genome build, but the actual reference
will be not included. Use "Visualization -> New Track Browser" and
follow the instructions for "Is the build not listed here? Add a Custom

Help for using the tool is available here:

As stated before, please email the mailing list directly and not
individual team members. Specifically, with a "to" to the mailing list
(only) and not including team members as a "to" or "cc" unless ask to do
so when sharing private data. Our internal tracking system and public
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Galaxy team

On 8/18/11 3:15 PM, Peng, Tao wrote:
> Hi jen, I have used BOWTIE to align my RNA-seq reads to HSV2 genome; out
> of 35,000,000 lines, only 621 lines left when I chose to have mapped
> reads only. How can visualize these aligned reads to HSV-2 genome?
> In the panel of converted SAM to BAM, I tried to use the data in
> trickster, but I am not sure to how to build a HSV genome as a
> reference?
> I appreciate your help,
> tao

Jennifer Jackson