Hello Dipanjana,

I am not sure if you mean that the job is actually running (yellow) or has been waiting in the queue (grey) during this time period (or some combination), but I can let you know that both processes can vary in the length of time they take to execute.

A job in the queue (grey) is waiting for its turn to run on the cluster. When Galaxy is busy, this time will be longer.

For a job that is executing (yellow), it is important to know that not all jobs will complete in the same time period. Factors such as the number and content of query sequences, the size and content of the target genome, and run-time parameters all contribute to how long a job will run.

I would expect that by now your job has completed and you know the outcome, and hopefully this helps to explain how the processing works. If time is urgent or a job exceeds the processing available on the public Main server, using Galaxy via the cloud is a good alternative:


Galaxy team

On 4/5/13 7:45 PM, Dipanjana Datta De wrote:
I have been running a tophat job and it seems to run forever, its now 24 HRS . I do not understand, is it that i have done something wrong, the other tophat job took only 6 hrs. please help

Dipanjana Datta De
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia

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