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Is the next meeting in Oct?


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From: Paul Zierep <zierep@informatik.uni-freiburg.de>
Sent: Thursday, 1 February 2024 12:53 AM
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Subject: [microGalaxy] Community meeting - Feburary 8th, 9am CET


Dear all,


I hope you are all doing fine!

Here are some news about the microGalaxy community.


Next Community meeting


Next week, we will have a Community meeting, on Thursday 8th October at 9am CET (your timezone).

·  Meeting rolling minutes

·  Zoom (Meeting ID: 824 5310 1719; Passcode: micro)

During this meeting, we will mostly catch up with news from the community and talk about the next months.

Unfortunately, we could not organize a dedicated speaker, but we had an idea that could be very useful for our planned publications and the overall organization of the community tools.

To improve the annotation of microbial-related tools, we would like to organize an event where we as a community link bio.tools entries to the galaxy wrappers in order to improve their EDAM terms. We will explain the details and how everybody can participate during this call.

I hope to see you around.


Feel free to share the details about these meetings and this community with anyone that may be interested :)







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