Hi all,

In the paper WG meeting yesterday, we discussed about the 2 papers we would like to write in the next months
You can find below a quick description about the aims and timelines for both and more details in the paper WG notes.

If you are interested in contributing actively in any or both papers, let us know either by answering this email or adding your name in the  paper WG notes on page 2 and 3
We will after that organise separate meetings for each paper.



User-oriented paper

What? (Opinion) paper showing that Galaxy is used for microbial data analysis and how with overview of publications using Galaxy, result of survey, use cases

Where? Open-access user oriented journal (e.g. BMC Microbiology)


Technical paper

What? A technical paper presenting resources/infrastructure (tools, workflows, training, etc) available for microbial data analysis in Galaxy

Where? NAR webserver


Deadlines for NAR webserver