I already put this on gitter, but here it is again: 

With GCC and all we did not have a chance to run through our priorities in the middle of this period. We would like to schedule two 1.5 hour meetings where each WG will go through their milestones. This will take place on August 14 and August 20. We would like to start at 9am [PST], Noon [EST], 6pm [CET] to squeeze in as many time zones as possible. Because there are many WGs we will split them in half in the order they are listed in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CWUpoxyMQ1KU8eb8G7XEnP8AmYCgRtCBSuWjCKiHJBI/edit#gid=0.

Anton Nekrutenko
Professor of Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology
Penn State University
(814) 826-9628