Dear WG leads:

Attached is a feedback writeup summarizing our thoughts on the current progress. Some of the main takeaways are:

1. Clear delineation between "Projects" and "Working groups". Efforts such as AnVIL, ITCR, Covid, and VGP will become Projects -- a collection of Galaxy development priorities focused on a particular scientific application.
2. Admin and Deployment will be merged into new "Systems" working groups. Support and outreach will be merged into GOATS (Galaxy Outreach And Training + Support). As a result we will have Systems, Backend, UI/UX, Tools, Testing, GOATS, and Workflows (a total of 7) WGs
3. We will have a team meeting next Thursday (Sept 30) at Noon EST (GMT-4, 9am PST, 18:00 CET). At this meeting we will discuss the big picture of the project and driving user cases. WGs will then have two weeks to develop milestones for the next three months. 

We want to ask WGs to do the following before next Thursday: create a WG-specific google calendar and put information about your regular meetings for the next three months with all zoom info and so on. This should be easily accessible to everyone.

Here is the link to the document ->

Anton Nekrutenko
Professor of Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology
Penn State University
(814) 826-9628