List name Post address Description
Gmn-participants GMN list of all participants
India Mailing list for communication within the Galaxy India Community
Metabolomics Community announcements and discussion list for the Galaxy Metabolomics community.
microGalaxy All things micro* in Galaxy. The official mailing list of the microGalaxy group.
Public-Health Announcements and discussion in the Galaxy Public Health Community.
GTN-Tapas-2022 GTN Smörgåsbord 2: Tapas
Steering Committee Galaxy Community Steering Committee. Got an idea, or a question, about Galaxy Community direction? Please let us know.
Webinars Announcement list for Galaxy Webinars
WG-Leads Mailing list for communicating with, and communicating within Galaxy Working Groups leadership.
WG: GOATS Galaxy Outreach Training Support Working Group (GOATS WG)
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