[galaxy-dev] direct http links from galaxy

Daniel Blankenberg dan at bx.psu.edu
Wed Apr 13 08:47:41 EDT 2011

Hi Sarah,

An external display application configuration was recently added for the
BAM datatype for IGV. In your local Galaxy instance, you can enable it by
removing the comments from around:
<!-- <display file="igv/bam.xml" /> -->
in your datatypes_conf.xml file for the BAM datatype. This will let users
view in a local IGV instance or using web start.

Thanks for using Galaxy,


> Hello,
> currently we are using Galaxy as our main data storage to try and keep
> as few duplicates of the data as possible. However, some of our
> biologists prefer to view their data for example in IGV. Due to the many
> files it is bothersome for them to download all the data to their own
> computer to display it (they are running out of disc space). IGV has the
> possibility to access data through an http link, but the download links
> in Galaxy don't work, because they do not have a file ending. So my
> question is: is there a way to get an http link from Galaxy that
> directly points to the file?
> Best regards,
> Sarah Diehl
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