[galaxy-user] Deleting a Galaxy User

Jennifer Jackson jen at bx.psu.edu
Thu Nov 10 12:41:58 EST 2011

Hi Oren,

I am posting the answer given to the galaxy-dev mailing list below for 
other users, even thought this is a development topic. Next time, please 
only post to a single mailing list.


Galaxy team


On Nov 10, 2011, at 11:41 AM, Oren Livne wrote:

 > Dear Nate,
 > Thanks for your answer.
 > 1. I could not find it in the admin panel in the UI. When I click on 
"Manage users", I get the user list and can select users, but there is 
no "Delete User" button.
Hi Oren,

Hrm, it looks like the option to delete users was removed from the 
interface since it couldn't be made conditional on a configuration 
setting (due to a limitation in Galaxy's "Grids" feature, which is used 
to display the table of users in the UI).  They can be added by 
uncommented lines 98-100 in lib/galaxy/web/controllers/admin.py:

     #operations.append( grids.GridOperation( "Delete", condition=( 
lambda item: not item.deleted ), allow_multiple=True ) )
     #operations.append( grids.GridOperation( "Undelete", condition=( 
lambda item: item.deleted and not item.purged ), allow_multiple=True ) )
     #operations.append( grids.GridOperation( "Purge", condition=( 
lambda item: item.deleted and not item.purged ), allow_multiple=True ) )

 > 2. Which call in the code deletes a user? I can then write my own API 
mark_user_deleted() in lib/galaxy/web/base/controller.py.  The preferred 
method for implementing API methods is by moving the code in the web UI 
controller which performs the actual action to lib/galaxy/actions/ and 
then changing the API and UI methods to call that method.  See the 
implementation of the Quota API for a reference.

 > 3. If I try to reset passwords for more than one user at a time, I 
get the error trackback:
 > TypeError: Odd-length string URL:
 > Module weberror.evalexception.middleware:364 in respond 
<plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  app_iter = self.application(environ, detect_start_response)
 > Module paste.debug.prints:98 in __call__     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  environ, self.app)
 > Module paste.wsgilib:539 in intercept_output     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  app_iter = application(environ, replacement_start_response)
 > Module paste.recursive:80 in __call__     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  return self.application(environ, start_response)
 > Module paste.httpexceptions:632 in __call__     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  return self.application(environ, start_response)
 > Module galaxy.web.framework.base:160 in __call__     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  body = method( trans, **kwargs )
 > Module galaxy.web.framework:173 in decorator     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  return func( self, trans, *args, **kwargs )
 > Module galaxy.web.base.controller:2025 in reset_user_password 
<plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  user = get_user( trans, user_id )
 > Module galaxy.web.base.controller:2413 in get_user     <plus.jpg> 
 >>>  id = trans.security.decode_id( id )
 > Module galaxy.web.security:45 in decode_id     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  return int( self.id_cipher.decrypt( obj_id.decode( 'hex' ) 
).lstrip( "!" ) )
 > Module encodings.hex_codec:42 in hex_decode     <plus.jpg>     view
 >>>  output = binascii.a2b_hex(input)
 > TypeError: Odd-length string
 > 4. A similar problem occurs when I try to delete multiple data 
libraries under "Manage data libraries". One library deletion works, but 
multiple yields an error message:
 > Invalid Library id ( 
) specifield.
Thanks for reporting these, we'll fix them as soon as possible.  I've 
created a bitbucket here to track them:



On 11/9/11 3:14 PM, Oren Livne wrote:
> Dear All,
> Is it possible to delete a galaxy user or multiple users with a UI call
> or an API call?
> Thanks,
> Oren
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Jennifer Jackson

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