[galaxy-user] Using Galaxy Cloudman for a workshop

Clare Sloggett sloc at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Nov 16 23:27:01 EST 2011

Hi all (especially Enis :) ),

We are planning to use Amazon (Galaxy CloudMan) to run a workshop for
about 50 people. We won't need to transfer any data during the
workshop, but need the virtual cluster to be reasonably responsive and
cope with:
a) the load on the front end
b) the workshop participants each trying to run a bwa alignment - at
the moment each alignment would be of about 2.8M reads, but we could
cut it down
c) any other scalability issues I may not have thought of?

I wanted to ask if anyone has used CloudMan for a similar purpose, or
has an understanding, based on running a Galaxy cluster, of any
problems we might encounter? I can add enough nodes to the cluster on
the day to cope with the computational load (I assume) but I'm not
sure if I should be expecting any other problems.

Is the size of the node (e.g. Amazon's 4-core vs 8-core nodes) very
important? I can scale out by adding more nodes, but should I be
concerned about the capacity of the master node which handles the

Also, is there any sensible way for me to test it in advance (in terms
of the user load)?

Many thanks for any advice!


E: sloc at unimelb.edu.au
P: 03 903 53357
M: 0414 854 759

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